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Tetra Triad


Entry ID #: 21
Created: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 11:04 PM

Tetra Triad is a floor game. The primary game object is a foam "Tetra," a three-dimentional triangle. The field is marked off into three areas. The objective of Tetra Triad is to control as many Tetras of your color, in your colored area, as possible. Tetra Triad is a fast paced game, scores can change quickly. Last minute plays could very easily decide many matches. Robots should be built to withstand collisions with other robots. Each "Tetra," of your color, in your area is worth five points. Any "Tetra" of your opponents color in your area is a subtraction of three points. The larger, "Bonus Tetra" of your color, in your area is worth 15 points. As always good luck! This animation was created using 3D Studio Max 2009.


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   lyncas on 04/21/2009

simple easy to follow scoring. I think having three colors would be kind of confusing, maybe divide into two red and two blue triangles and get rid of green altogether

   smartkid on 04/11/2009

@Hobbie3211: Yes! Not only will these Tetras be hard to grab, like you said, because of the slope they will be hard to push. This is a key concept to Tetra Triad.

   smartkid on 04/11/2009

@mathwiz20: Scoring is simple, if you aren't color blind and are able to do grade school math then you will have no problem scoring this game. @jfeord14: You are OBVIOUSLY supporting Vex Wired and bashing Vex Wired's competition, anyone with a brain can see that. I have by far the simplest game here.

   mathwiz20 on 04/11/2009

This game is pretty confusing. The concept isn't, but for the referees, it will take a while to score each match.

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

horrible idea so confusing

   Krummel on 04/06/2009

A professional video and good game concept. Good luck!