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Design a Game Animation

Any individuals, groups or Official VEX Robotics Competition teams can submit an animated video that shows and explains their own design for a VEX Robotics Competition game.Please indicate what software was used to create your animation when submitting your entry.





Intersection is a new VEX game that requires heavy engineering and thought to succeed. Each robot must be able to climb a large 30-degree cross ramp and pick up 2.5" rubber balls in order to succeed. The goal is to score the most points in the given amount of time. Bonus points are given to those who have the bonus ball in their zone, park in a section of the ramp, and/or score the most in individual goals. This animation was created using GTK Radiant 1.5, Milkshape 1.8.3, 3D Studio Max 9, Gold Wave 5.25, and Quake Video Maker 1.4.2
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Tetra Triad


Tetra Triad is a floor game. The primary game object is a foam "Tetra," a three-dimentional triangle. The field is marked off into three areas. The objective of Tetra Triad is to control as many Tetras of your color, in your colored area, as possible. Tetra Triad is a fast paced game, scores can change quickly. Last minute plays could very easily decide many matches. Robots should be built to withstand collisions with other robots. Each "Tetra," of your color, in your area is worth five points. Any "Tetra" of your opponents color in your area is a subtraction...
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Tubular Torment


Tubular Torment is played on a 12 by 12 foot field with 2 alliances and 2 teams per alliance. Each team can have 2 drivers and 1 coach. The coach can be a student competitor or an adult coach. Their will be a blue alliance and a red alliance. 4 robots will be on the field per match. There are 48, 2.5 inch spheres all starting out in one of the four craters. There is 2 craters per team with 12 spheres in each crater. There is 16 goals and you have to score your own color sphere. The yellow sphere in the middle of the playing field on a six sided ramp resembling a hexagon is worth 5 points if...
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This is the animation for the 2008 Midwest Vex Programs ( game Conefusion. Three alliances of two robots compete to stack balls and cones of their opponents' colors. The goal is to minimize your own base score and maximize your own bonus score. Bonus points are earned by having a robot on a corner platform at the end of the match, by having your own colored balls in the ShyGoal 5000 at the end of the match, of having the ShyGoal 5000 parked in one of your zones at the end of the match. The ShyGoal 5000 is an autonomous goal that uses sonic sensors and touch sensors to run...
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1114 Simbotics: VEX - Ping Pong Rally


Team 1114 Simbotics, presents “Ping Pong Rally”. Ping Pong Rally is played on a standard size VEX field. There are two alliances, one red, and one blue. Each team is composed of two drivers and one coach. Teams set there robot’s on the field making sure they are touching there coloured tiles, ready for the twenty second autonomous period. The alliance with the most points at the end of autonomous will receive a five point bonus. After the autonomous period, drivers take control of the robots and try to outscore the other team by: Scoring in the Side Goal (1 Point) Scoring in your...
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A Vex game designed to test the fine manipulation capacity of the robot and operator.
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Terrain is played on a 12’ by 12’ field with a raised platform in the far corner. The purpose of the game is to move game objects into the trench of their alliance In each game there are 2 alliances that are made up with 2 robots each. Each robot may start anywhere in the alliance base, however they must be smaller than an 18” by 18” by 18” cube. Each game object in the trench is worth 2 points. Moving the bonus cube from the shelf to the alliance base is worth 10 points. If a robot is fully on the low platform in the center of the field at the end of the game, 5 points are...
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VEX Wired


Team 38 Vexellent's entry to the VEX Design Competition Welcome, introducing VEX Wired This game is set on a 12 foot by 12 foot field with two alliances of two teams. Each team can have a coach and up to two drivers controlling their robot,. The robot is placed on the color tile corresponding to their team color at the beginning of the match. The 54 color-coded tennis ball game pieces are set in the 19 inch high wire frame bridge and can be scored into any of the six 21 inch tall square goals, or in your team's one-point low goal beside the platform . The 21" square goal...
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