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Vex Metal Detector Robot


Entry ID #: 554
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 8:48 PM

This Vex Metal Detector robot can roam around looking for hidden "treasure" while you relax in your beach chair. Our Metal Treader utilizes an iPad or iPhone as the end of arm metal detector. A metal detector app that uses the compass feature of the iPad and iPhone makes this possible. The Metal Treader has a tank drive using the Vex tank tread kit and two 2-wire motors. The base is made from a Vex medium size chassis kit. The arm is a 4 bar link design to keep the detector level while it raises and lowers. The arm is driven by a 1:21 gear ratio using 84T, 36T, and 12T metal pinion gears. The end of arm is made of Vex aluminum to minimize interference with the metal detector. The bot can be controlled by remote control or run autonomously when you want to take a break.


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   EDWARDZAHHH on 01/15/2012

Why did you find it necessary to have a moving arm? Were you planning to mount an ultrasonic sensor in order to keep it at a fixed distance from the ground in autonomous operation?