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Competitions: The World of VEX - 21549C

Entry ID #: 11661
Created: Thu, Jan 12, 2023 5:20 PM

This video, inspired by our learning curve at our first two competitions, is about the joy of VEX when producing our bot for competitions. It's about the run-up to the competition, the emotions we face and why all these competitions help the future.


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The topic of this video was inspired by how well we performed in our recent two competitions. In the first one, we came last place with almost total lack of organisation and a robot that kept failing. We learnt from our mistakes - we spent a lot more time perfecting our bot rather than building it just previously to the competition. And that’s why we wanted to talk about competitions, and the challenges that come with it. The next competition, we did much better with a ranking of first place before finals matches. That’s why we talked about the joy of succeeding in this script! Credits and copyright are in the description of the youtube video.