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Created: Thu, Jan 12, 2023 11:23 PM

We never imagined our campaign would reach this level of success. The nation-wide impact we made is something we are truly proud of, as it has allowed us to show the people that robotics can be for anyone and everyone. With this, we had a much easier time getting rid of the existing stigma around robotics. Sharing the free resources provided by VEX Robotics had a very positive effect on our society, so much so that we even got the recognition of the National Congress.


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We never thought that our event would be so successful at the national level, explaining that robotics is for everyone, breaking the stigma of the unknown, sharing the free resources available from VEX robotics had a very profound impact on our society so much so that we achieved the Recognition of the National Congress. Soon after, private Companies, schools, TV channels, and public event organizers were consistently requesting our presence to help us reach more people. And the best part is, we thoroughly enjoyed doing this. This is what VEX has done for us all, and we shared to the rest of Paraguay.