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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game.



Tetra Tumble


Team 575 presents Tetra Tumble! Teams will stack tetrahedrons of their alliance's color. The higher the stack, the more points. Tetras are worth extra points if they are above the alliance's starting tiles. Animated in Autodesk Maya 2012 Compiled in Adobe After Effects CS4 Music: Derezzd by Daft Punk (Tron Legacy Soundtrack), You Will Be Perfect by Mike Morasky (Portal 2 Soundtrack) Created by Team 575, Exothermic Haiku
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Hang 'Em High


Team 6088, Dues Ex Machina, proudly presents Hang 'Em High. The main objective of this game is to hang game objects on slanted arcs. Software: 3DS Max 2012 and Adobe CS5.5 Sountrack: Syndrome by Phantasma
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Totally Generic Name

The aim of Hightower is to score by placing prisms into one of the 45 degree chutes or the tower, which is opened in the last 30s of the match. Red/blue prisms are worth 2pts, having the highest prism in a chute gains ownership for 1pt, white prisms are worth 2pts for the owners of that chute and all values in the tower are doubled. Mechanically, the game is intended to be challenging. Picking up prisms is not easy, and then teams have to rotate them to 45 degrees to score them. Teams also have the option of scoring from the top of the chute; although it is harder, having to raise prisms...
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A new concept for VEX Robotics Team Competition.
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A new concept for VEX Robotics Team Competition, where robots shoot hoops of different heights, from platforms of varying angles and heights.
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TCIS Robotic Basketball


TCIS Robotic Basketball, a new concept for VEX Robotics Team Competition.
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The Cheesy Poofs are proud to present our submission for this year's Vex Design a Game Challenge: Triangulation. The game is designed around a core of basic principles but includes a unique and challenging set of special obstacles robots must overcome: a wall, a tunnel, and 2 raised platforms. All of these must be taken into account to design a champion robot. Thus, this game will force teams to experiment with robot structure and mechanics, which hasn't been the case these past few years. Strategy will heavily involve design, as the many different types of robots that can be made (ramp,...
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Tiny Towers


This is team 2438's submission for the VRC Game Design Animation Challenge. The object of the game is to collect as many cubes as possible and to stack them on your starting zone, on top of overturned cones, or on big cones placed upside down above the robots. Created by: Brian Chen
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StiKiT, an intense game for the ages. Design a Game submission by Team 1138 Eagle Engineering Created by: Jackson Koerber, Eloise Perrochet, Willem Zandbergen, and Steven Paqueo
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Pyramid Peak

The Pilons

Pyramid Peak is a game where two alliances try to score points by placing hollow cones and solid cubes on the pyramid, which multiplies the score values on each of the three levels. There are also white scoring zones on each side, which are venerable, because other teams may push the objects out. Extra points can be scored by having your robot end on the pyramid, but can only climb during the last 30 seconds.
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