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Hang 'Em High


Entry ID #: 556
Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 12:08 AM

Team 6088, Dues Ex Machina, proudly presents Hang 'Em High. The main objective of this game is to hang game objects on slanted arcs. Software: 3DS Max 2012 and Adobe CS5.5 Sountrack: Syndrome by Phantasma


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   EDWARDZAHHH on 01/15/2012

I like the game. Hanging objects to score them is very innovative. Shiny field, objects, robots, and room. Love the cityscape background. I want to lie down on that sofa. Also, VEX competitors will have to bring their structural engineering A-game before each competition to set-up the arched goals. It's cool how your robots can drive through the objects, and how the hooks can collide through the goals. Are the objects/goals soft or made of shiny gels? That's a really awesome vertical lift robot that can right itself. In fact, your whole animation is really quite awesome. So awesome, in fact, I even got quite some deja-vu while watching the latter half of your animation. If you are getting suspicious as to what I'm getting at, I think people's comments should be positive, but include constructive criticism rather than unabated and whitewashed joy. All jest aside, good job with your animation! I know that making an animation takes a lot of time and effort.

   Totally Generic Name on 01/11/2012

That's certainly interesting that you set it in what appears to be an apartment. It sets up a relaxed sort of feel that is rather different than most other animations. I think a mixture of the reflectivity, full saturation and lighting just make it a bit hard to see detail on the objects clearly. Please, please, don't reuse the same animation with different camera angles. It's noticeable. In 3DsMax, there's a "curve editor" that allows you to modify the curves of an objects animation so you can sync the speed of the robot and game piece. Erm, owning a goal is worth an extra point? But there are only 3 of them, and pushing a hook onto your tile is worth the same amount... I don't think there are enough game objects to facilitate throwing them out. I think the field would get far too sparse, far too quickly. Out of curiosity, why did you choose to start the match with objects already scored? As above, if this is your first full video, this is a very good production. If it's not, it's still pretty good.

   jchang254 on 01/11/2012

A couple friendly suggestions: I would suggest drawing clear boundaries between field tiles, right now the field looks like a monolithic gray mass. Even the faintest of borders between tiles would go a long way. I am as much a fan of shininess as the next guy (I used them extensively in fact), but I've always felt the filed is the one thing that should not be shiny...looks great on the bots though. One final gripe: some of the robot dynamics looked a little off, but I know how hard that can be to get right. That being said, I think this is great for a first-time effort (at least I think it's a first-time effort...correct me if I'm wrong). Keep up the effort! -Jonathan