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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 12:36 AM

The Cheesy Poofs are proud to present our submission for this year's Vex Design a Game Challenge: Triangulation. The game is designed around a core of basic principles but includes a unique and challenging set of special obstacles robots must overcome: a wall, a tunnel, and 2 raised platforms. All of these must be taken into account to design a champion robot. Thus, this game will force teams to experiment with robot structure and mechanics, which hasn't been the case these past few years. Strategy will heavily involve design, as the many different types of robots that can be made (ramp, tunnel, one side, two sides, defensive, offensive, etc.) make for varied and numerous effective strategies. This game is designed so that even rookie teams can approach it, but will make sure teams will be pushed to their intellectual limits and learn in the process.


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   jchang254 on 01/15/2012

@Totally Generic Name: Balancing was intended to mean not touching the ground, sorry if that wasn't clear. I realize that many textures were a single color, but I tried to compensate by adding some "hardness" in the form of bump maps to make them look more visually interesting. For instance, the foam tiles are bumpmapped, giving them some shading so they are not just solid gray. And no, those are not undercarriage lights; there is a blue light source inside the field, wich is what gives the base that glowing appearance visible in the title scene, but some light bleeds through, and the robot materials, which use the mental ray Arch and Design template, reflect the leaked light. -Jonathan

   EDWARDZAHHH on 01/15/2012

Cool game. I just wish the tunnel was larger. Solid tetras with no edge bevel are extremely difficult to pick up when they sit on the ground. I guess your tetras have a bit of anti-gravity levitation going there though. Ramp is extremely steep, but I think it is a reasonable and clever challenge for VEX robots.

   Totally Generic Name on 01/11/2012

If you balance yourself on top of the tunnel, and use extending rods that touch the bottom of the tunnel, does that still count as balancing? Your game looks pretty good, although the tunnel seems kind of small and the ramp pretty steep. The game mechanics are pretty solid. I don't think balancing is too hard, because it acts as a sort of hanging - a bonus objective that requires the entire design to be based around having it there. Materials would benefit heavily from not being flat colours. Are you using the Mental Ray renderer? It's never actually made clear which robot is which colour, but that didn't bother me the first time I watched it. Are those undercarriage lights on the robot?

   user29884 on 01/11/2012

Very thorough explanation of the game. Great animation. Balancers are fun but what about damage from falls? Would be tough in a long tournament.