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2011-2012 "What I Like About You" VEX Robotics Promotional Video Super Sonic Sparks Team 2


Entry ID #: 566
Created: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 8:30 PM

From Carroll County, MD, the Super Sonic Sparks 4-H Robotics team (Team 24 in VRC) shows the world what they like about VEX in a promotional video that's fun to dance and sing along to, featuring the music of The Romantics with "What I Like About You". Through programming, driving, design, community service, and so much more, you can explore what possibilities VEX holds for your future.


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   jake40 on 01/12/2012

Awesome job!

   sparksgirl on 01/11/2012

**please offer the team constructive criticism if you choose to rate this video poorly as we would like to know how to improve. Thank you, Team 24

   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 01/05/2012

The video turned out very nicely! Go team!

   sparksgirl on 01/02/2012

*Team 24