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"Have you ever seen the rain?"


Entry ID #: 570
Created: Fri, Jan 6, 2012 9:27 PM

With this video we want to make people ask themselves: Have I ever seen the rain? Have I ever face it? ... This rain which was unable to stop the girl to fight for her dreams symbolizes the difficulties we face in life. At the same time, the boy didn't want to face the rain and chose to stay locked inside home surfing in the internet. In the end, the girl and her team had the reward for having been engaged, while the boy who wasted his day on the Internet realized that he lost not only a day, but a great chance of his life. During the video, we can see the interaction of the team, the commitment of teachers and mentors in guiding the students and the relationship they acquire in this journey. So, we wanna know: Have you ever seen the rain?


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