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21549E TechnoGear photograph - called "Introspection"


Entry ID #: 11274
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2023 1:12 PM

This is 21549E Technogear's entry to the VEX IQ middle school photography challenge. Our photograph is called "Introspection".

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   UncleMike on 02/20/2023

Brilliant. Keep it up!

   f.khan on 02/20/2023

Brilliant. We are all routing for you!

   vakharianirav on 02/20/2023

Nice one

   anukampasengar on 02/20/2023

Keep it up!

   dkmuhia on 02/19/2023

Great work ?

   ms.lisa.adam on 02/19/2023

Love the composition of this!

   Zaynab2996 on 02/19/2023

Brilliant ??

   Slk_ on 02/19/2023

That’s great ??

   jawadmusa123 on 02/19/2023

Good job

   maariyaadam4 on 02/19/2023


   aryara on 02/18/2023

nice photo