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Entry ID #: 601
Created: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 7:42 PM

L.A.R.I.E. is a large Angry Robot who Insists intruders Exit, and helps keep homes safe

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   user57241 on 01/16/2012

Although it might not stop a thief it's meant to discourage one. It also gets video feed to show the police if it does fail to stop a thief

   EDWARDZAHHH on 01/15/2012

Interesting bot and ball launcher. Great video too. Did you consider making your robot more imposing/violent xD in order to more effectively counter intruders?

   user394816 on 01/15/2012

couple of balls cannot stop a thief

   lyncas on 01/11/2012

nice video and design note progression.