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VRC Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team that has created and submitted an outstanding team and/or VRC promotional video.



An Introduction To Our Team


This is a brief introduction video showing some of our competitions we have entered our robot and controls as well as what we believe we receive from being part of the Vex Robotics Program
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The Collective


VEX robotics is not merely an individual effort. A proper VEX team requires input from a multitude of sources and truly takes a collective effort to be successful.
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Vex robotics promote video 2560


this video was created to help promote the ravens robotics team in ontario. we are a small team who use leadership, teamwork and engineering to have fun in an educational community.
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Team 3142 - Promote Video


The Paideia Robotics team promotional video for the 2012-13 robotics season.
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Panteras Video


Panteras promote video is about all the Panteras robotics team: FIRST Robotics Competition 2283, FIRST Tech Challenge 801 & 4892, and VEX Robotics Competition 801. Music from Imagine Dragons - It's Time. Contains a message from the Mexico's ex-president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.
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2931 Promo Vid


2931's entry for the Promotional video challenge
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South Brunswick's vex team D Promotion.
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SBHS Team 750C


This is our promote award video for team 750C
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VEX Worlds Experience


Our robotics team focuses on two things… Robotics, and comic books. (To offer a little explanation Arkham Asylum is the prison for all the batman villains.) We are five-member team that is comprised of batman, joker, mr. freeze, catwoman, and the riddler. We had an amazing experience last year winning the middle school design award. With hard work and dedication your team can be world class as well.
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Wolfpack Robotics: Get a Vex


This year, we wanted to make something a bit different than the usual promote video montage. We also wanted to choose a theme for our video that was universally familiar, and we think that, especially for our demographic, no commercial series is more famous (or infamous) than the Mac vs. PC ads. We spent about a month scripting, equipment testing, and practicing, and another month filming, refilming, and editing in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and other programs. Watch and enjoy, and please try to give it the rating you think it deserves
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VEX - The Action Movie


We hope to promote vex in our school, so we made a video that is both eye catching, and informative of how our robotics club works. I hope you enjoy. Made in iMovie.
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Team 394 Highlands Intermediate Robotics


This is our VEX promotional video of Team 394 Highlands Intermediate School.
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Participation video


Video created for participation in Vex Rbotics Promote Award 2013.
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TCIS Advanced Robotics Teams 4744A & 4744B @...


TCIS Advanced Robotics Teams 4744A & 4744B @ Taipei American School VEX Gateway Competition 2011. Our students never participated in a VEX competition before this, but we placed 3rd on the finals! We also won the Judges' Award!
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This is VEX - Team 2177


This is our online challenge promote video - submited by Team 2177 The F.I.V.E from Silver Lake Middle School. Our video highlights the process of creating a robot and the skills we have gained by being involved in VEX Robotics. For more information about the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) and how you can join visit their website: You will be glad you did.
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Our VEX Promotional Video


Promotional video created by Joel and Ellis from team Virus.
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DiscoBots present Mini-Dragon


This is a promotional video made by DiscoBots students (2587z ) before the 2012 World Championship. This is for last year's game Gateway but we feel it still represents the core of the 2587z team competing this year ! We feel this video is a great demonstration of using pneumatics as your sole lifting device ! Hopefully other teams will learn from this video. The 2587z (also called Zeta team) has qualified again for Worlds and plans to release another world championship reveal video ! FYI: There is a bunch of blackness at the end of the video that is a false teaser, so don't...
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2625 Promotional Video


This entry features a video promoting our team and robot, and the capabilities we have as a team with the robot in a competition environment.
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Great VEXpectations


This is Free Range Robotics entry to the online Promote Award challenge. It is done in a silent movie format, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Created by Aarone Koshy.
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Vex Promo


A promo for 536 Xavier Robotics
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GSMST Robodragons 675B VEX Promote Video 2013


This year we created this dramatic video to promote our VEX team and to bring students in. For many years, we have competed in the VEX competition, and we feel the need that more of our students should too. Not only this, we find it of utmost importance that the rising generations learn about VEX and robotics too. We need to promote to these students, so that they can take suit and benefit from these opportunities just as we did. And of course to finish it off, we even went to the world competition in Anaheim, CA in 2012 and hope to do so again this year, with even more students!
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A humourous intake on how robotics are a part of our school life
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1069E in 90 seconds


Promotional video for 2013 about our team, Critical Mass and its quirky personality. Thanks for watching.
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Team 1489 brms promotional video


Please enjoy this video about the whole family of teams of Bull Run Middle Schools team 1489 A-F We have worked very hard so please if you have any questions feel free to ask on YouTube.
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The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow


Promotional video developed by the Robotics Team at Fellowship Christian School in Roswell, GA to recruit new students to robotics and encourage them to get engaged with STEM activities.
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Why Vex is better than...


Thank you for watching and voting for my video! this is my first year competing in the Vex online competitions! make sure to also check out my radio show, the Tech Team! My Facebook:
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Robosavages Promo


2n Robosavages Trailer the full vr can be seen here: pleases visit
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The VEX Experience


Our passion for VEX drives us to achieve our best every season. Whether we are on the media team, the build team, or even the programming team, we are always learning something new or perfecting our craft. The elements of VEX listed in the video are what keeps the gears in our heads turning.
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Team 1000's 2012-2013 Vex Promote Video


A video highlighting the 2011-2012 Vex Robotics Game: Vex Gateway as well as the 2012 Vex Robotics World Championships in Anaheim, California.
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