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Evening the Playing Field

CyberHawks 7983
Entry ID #: 13058
Created: Mon, Jan 29, 2024 1:46 PM

Join Team 7983K as they recall what they have done to carry out the Girl Powered initiative and what motivates them to persevere through the VEX Robotics Competition amidst adversity.


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Join Team 7983K as they reflect on their experiences with the Girl Powered Initiative as outlined by the REC Foundation as well as their own interpretations, and — more importantly — how it has defined their efforts over time. The Centennial Cyberhawks are located in Bakersfield, CA, in the heart of the central valley. The script for this video was written by Jyanna Tesoro. All animations seen in this video were produced by Jyanna Tesoro using Roblox Studio and edited using the Splice app. The music featured in this video is "High LIne" by Duffmusiq, provided by Splice. Other members of Team K include Angela Cutamora, Brooklyn Gal, Michael Klevann, Addie Rodriguez, and Lulu Scott.