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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game.



  • 1st: 2013 VRC Game Design Animation Award, $750 gift certificate and automatic team qualification for the 2013 VRC World Championship (if part of a registered VRC team), PLUS Autodesk is providing a $150 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd: $500 gift certificate, PLUS Autodesk is providing a $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd: $250 gift certificate, PLUS Autodesk is providing a $50 Amazon Gift Card



  • This contest is open to students anywhere in the world currently registered in a middle school or high school educational institution, or to home school students younger than college/university level (generally age 18 and younger).
  • The game must incorporate at least one of the challenge objects displayed below. At least one of the challenge objects must be significantly involved in the scoring of the game.
    • Although at least one of these game objects must be used, you will design all other game elements, including scoring objects.
    • The challenge objects may be used in different sizes as long as the proportions remain unchanged. The cylinder may only be used as a solid object. The ratio of the length of the cylinder to its width must be greater than or equal to 1. In other words, it must be at least as long as it is wide. The cube may be either solid, a wireframe, or with some faces solid and others open (in other words, you may use the cube as a box). The third object is based on a spiny sea urchin - a spherical object with spikes. Your "urchin" can be made of plastic, and you decide if it is soft and squishy or hard and spiky. The only requirements are that the spikes must be at least as long as the radius of the sphere, and there must be at least 12 spikes. Make sure you tell us about your "urchin" when you submit your entry!
Challenge Objects
  • Create an animated video of the game
    • No more than 3:00 minutes long with up to an extra 15 seconds at the end (not the beginning) for credits, for a total of 3:15 (195 seconds)
    • Post your animation to YouTube
    • Start with an title screen and introduction that states the name of the game
    • Show and explain the scoring objects in the game
    • Explain how the challenge object is used
    • Demonstrate the game being played, explaining and/or showing important game dynamics, rules and penalties
    • Visually show how a demo match would be played and scored and show who would win
    • Show and explain any field objects (goals, ramps, barriers, obstacles, etc.)
    • Any animation method may be used, including computer-generated images (CGI), claymation, stop action, or hand-crafted art. Traditionally this is a CGI contest, but we are always interested in other creative approaches. You may NOT use video of live action - remember this is an animation contest!
  • Designs submitted in previous Online Challenges are not eligible for submission this year.
Judging Community voting will determine six of the ten finalists with the additional submissions chosen by the RECF. The finalist submissions will then be judged by selected professionals who will determine the Game Design Animation Challenge winners. Evaluation
  • How well does the entry meet the requirements?
  • Video is well-produced and exhibits good editing, animation techniques, and use of music and narration.
  • The game is playable, interesting, and incorporates the challenge object(s) in a creative, interesting way. It is a good game.

Deadline Information

Current time:
Thu, Jul 25, 2024 12:04 PM CDT


Fri, Sep 21, 2012 12:00 AM CDT


Fri, Jan 11, 2013 2:00 PM CST

Voting Ends:

Fri, Jan 25, 2013 2:00 PM CST