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VWECK to the Rescue!

FEB Robotics
Entry ID #: 13006
Created: Sun, Jan 28, 2024 8:36 PM

Our team visited WaterWorks, an environmental program on water, and our local water utilities to research a problem in our area. We even were able to go inside a water tower to learn more! We then met and discussed the many problems we heard about and decided to focus on leaky pipes and the cost of lost water. We engineered a prototype of a robot named after our team names and created an app design for the water company to use.


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We are a VEXIQ team in Hartselle, Alabama. Our team took a field trip WaterWorks, a local environmental education facility, and Mr. Maze, the Engineering Services Manager, gave us a tour of Hartselle Utilities and a water tower! We learned a lot! We brainstormed ideas to create to help the problems we heard about and came up with VWECK (Violet, Wyatt, Eenie, Cannon, & Keegan - our names!), a robot that can fit in pipes to look for leaks and alert Hartselle Utilities to the exact location and time.