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Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2013 9:39 PM

Our robotics team focuses on two thingsā€¦ Robotics, and comic books. (To offer a little explanation Arkham Asylum is the prison for all the batman villains.) We are five-member team that is comprised of batman, joker, mr. freeze, catwoman, and the riddler. We have one the design award at our second competition and have made it to the semi-finals at both of the competitions. We have made a website to promote four main things: robotics, design, robotics in the community, and finally, comics. Our website promotes robotics because its a website ALL about robotics. We created it to help our team keep in touch and share designs with each other. Which leads to the second thing our website promotes, which is design. We work very hard to express how important the design process is. One of the most important thing our website does is promote robotics in our community. We have a section called links on our website. On it are links to help form a new team in vex and tips for brand new teams. This is why our robots website it very important to us and to the community.


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