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Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2013 11:33 PM

Welcome to the Techna PWN Robotics team Website! Our website uses Wordpress on the backend to efficiently manage content. Various members of our team can edit or add to the website easily with each having their own individual username and password credentials. Our website has been designed entirely by students on the team. Our website lists what we have done in a blog format, and also has pictures of past events. We are looking to put more content on our website as the season progresses. Our website has a memorable name ( and should work in most any modern browser. It uses PHP and Wordpress on the server and displays in standard HTML and Javascript in the user's web browser (no resource intensive Flash or Silverlight). We let others comment on our blog to give feedback on our posts. There is also a form we can refer people to on our website if they would like to donate money to help our team.


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