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Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 2:14 AM

Welcome to Forest Park Robotics 2013 Website! This year we are proud of the effort that our media team and webmaster put in to create this new site, which is quite an improvement over the previous generation. The main change in creating this new website is the addition of WordPress, an open-source content management system used by many bloggers to create online blogs, however with some hard work and determination a user can create a powerful and useful website using WordPress; and a custom website theme. In addition, to match current shifts in the web design and user accessibility industry the website is mobile compatible, the website will resize (including videos and images) to fit on the screen of the device that is connecting to the website. In addition to the responsive design, special mobile and desktop features have been enabled through the careful readings of many developer API's. The first major implementation is support for Apple's iOS Operating System, any user browsing to the website on Safari will receive a tool-tip informing them of the ability to install the website as an app; with a custom icon and launch screens. In addition the custom icon is also enabled for Android Users. For mobile computers running Windows and Internet Explorer 9 or 10, the user will be reminded of their ability to create a pin for the website, or to create a live tile for the new website. We encourage you to test out those features as you browse the website.


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