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EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a Website that promotes your entire robotics program - your VRC team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a Website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is.



Panteras website


Panteras presents A mix of both content and design featuring a high amount of documents and resources for other teams, teachers, mentors, and the general public for both FIRST robotics as well as for VEX robotics.
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Team 323Z Aftershocks Competitive Robotics Website


Team 323Z Aftershock is a group of 6 middle/high school students. We are a first year Rookie team that will be competing in multiple competitions around the Midwest States including the Midwest Championship, Indiana State Championship, and maybe US Nationals if we qualify.
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Prime Robotics


Our teams website, the website is using wordpress with a modified theme, there is a Facebook Social Plugin for the 'Like' button, and a Youtube Playlist on the homepage which shows our developments over the Sack Attack Season
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8701 Robotics


This is our organizations website/blog. The goal of our site is to let people know what's going on with 8701 and learn more about our team, as well as providing valuable resources for other teams.
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Cherry Hill High School's Robotics Website


Our newly formed website aspires to be great. Although we do have some problems, we are trying to resolve them now. They should be fixed soon. Our website is for communicating among our team and for helping other teams.
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Team 5119 Website


this website was designed and built by the guys at team 5119 and was coded and built in html. They designed everything themselves
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ALA- VexWizard


We are the Queen Creek American Leaership Academy Robotics club. We are located in Queen Creek, Arizona. We are a fairly new Club, but we have this website set up. VexWizard is used by Club members to inform each other of recent ideas or changes in areas such as: programming, designing, building, or anything that pertains to robotics in general.
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Bears 4131 Website


Bears is a group of STEM robotics teams based in Mexico. Our website was started in 2011, and we currently use Adobe Muse (HTML5) to develop it. The idea behind the website is for it to be informative, simple to navigate, and have an esthetic design. You will be able to find out information about us and our sponsors, our outreach projects, resources for other teams (programs, traduced manuals, etc), multimedia, among other contents. Additionally, we have made it available in both Spanish and English, plus it is completely viewable from any browser (mobile or desktop) without the need of...
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Vex Jets


This is a website about our team the VEX JETS 4073A and 4073B. We are a 2nd year team and we are hoping to get back to the World Championships like we did last year.
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GCEC Robotics


Glenfield College's website to advertise the team, GCEC, and our work in the community. Designed and built by a year 11 student, with content contributed by the rest of the team. Team 2918A from Auckland, New Zealand
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The RoboDoves are an all-girls team from Western High School, Baltimore, Maryland. Please visit our site.
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Paideia Robotics


This is the website for Team 3142 and our subteams.
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This is our team website, where we can update our community, such as parents and students, about up coming events and our current state of success. This site also serves as a gateway to our Facebook page and other important links, such as the vex forums and even our school career center. Hope you enjoy.
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K Force Robotics


This website was coded from the ground up to be used by members and non members alike as a hub of information. It also acts as a living document for the history of K Force.
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The Site


Here is our website created and hosted by one of our members.
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Arkham Asylum Members Team Website


Our robotics team focuses on two things… Robotics, and comic books. (To offer a little explanation Arkham Asylum is the prison for all the batman villains.) We are five-member team that is comprised of batman, joker, mr. freeze, catwoman, and the riddler. We have one the design award at our second competition and have made it to the semi-finals at both of the competitions. We have made a website to promote four main things: robotics, design, robotics in the community, and finally, comics. Our website promotes robotics because its a website ALL about robotics. We created it to help our team...
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Our website was made to inform others about who we are and parents on what we do. The design is simple yet effective and inspired by Android's Holo Guidelines. As an added bonus, students may register and login to the website to access special tools for productivity within their group. There's an Android application available which connects to their website account and which gives them special tools depending on their role, such as picture gallery, event reminders, code editor, video/text tutorials, progress checks, and communication enhancements. A web UI is coming soon for those without...
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Techna PWN Robotics

Simmons 2.0

Welcome to the Techna PWN Robotics team Website! Our website uses Wordpress on the backend to efficiently manage content. Various members of our team can edit or add to the website easily with each having their own individual username and password credentials. Our website has been designed entirely by students on the team. Our website lists what we have done in a blog format, and also has pictures of past events. We are looking to put more content on our website as the season progresses. Our website has a memorable name ( and should work in most any modern browser. It uses PHP...
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Free Range Robotics Website


Our website was created in 2009. Since then, so much has happened that it is hard to keep record. In 2010 we won the team website online challenge, with a website that was used by many teams in New Zealand as an online home for VEX. Since then, our website has been given a fresh new look and of course, brand new photo and video galleries, and of course, plenty of new content. The new template was created in late 2012 by George Gillard, one of our team members, who was 14 years old at the time. The template is designed to show off everything our website has to offer in a clean, easy to...
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East Barnet Schools' robotics website


The website created by virus for all 5 teams at our school
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DiscoBots - 2013


Every year, the DiscoBots challenge themselves to make a new website design. The website serves as our design log and archive of our build season ! We also use the website to help attract new members to join the team. We’ve redesigned our website this year for an easy to use sidebar instead of top drop down from last year. We try to keep an archive of all our websites at if people are interested in our previous year designs. We have also opted to integrate facebook and twitter into our main page. We try to keep records of our VEX robots and provide summaries of each...
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Gear Crunchers Webpage


2626N are a middle school robotics team from Wisconsin. To learn more visit our site.
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Waialua Robotics Team Website


At, you can find out about our positive learning experiences using Robotics as a vehicle to promote and inspire students in STEM. We also demonstrate workplace readiness skills by providing students opportunities to participate in outreach events, fundraiser events, STEM workshops/tours, and academic learning activities.
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2243 Team Website


We decided to complete the Club Website Challenge as a team.
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patriot robotics

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Super Sonic Sparks Website


The Super Sonic Sparks, Team 24, are from Westminster, MD. We hope you enjoy our entry.
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Team 254


This is Team 254's official website. From here you can learn more about our team history, our great VEX and FRC programs, and our outreach projects including the popular Shockwave T-shirt cannon. You can also keep up to date with the latest team news through our blog, or view photos and videos of the team in action at our media gallery. In addition to this public face, the website also has a members page which team members use for team activities such as tournament signups and access other private team resources. As such, the site is not just for PR: it is also an integrated part of our...
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Clockwork Knights Robotics Website


The Clockwork Knights Robotics Team has worked hard to build these robots and learn about engineering, but we also have a lot of fun along the way!
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1064 Robotics Team Website


This website is to help us start becoming better known to the other competition throughout the world. We offer videos and photos, as well as previous awards that we've earned, and the previous teams that competed in the Vex Robotics game. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact us by email at
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Arcadia High School VEX Robotics Club: Team 867


The main website for the Arcadia High School VEX Robotics Club. The club is open to any students enrolled at Arcadia High School. We meet Tuesdays to Fridays during lunch at room P-7.
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Walden Grove Robotics


This website is about Walden Grove Robotics and there impact on the community, on there status robot wise and everything you need to know about The Red Wolves, Walden Groves Robotics team.
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Gael Force Robotics - 5327


The Gael Force Robotics Club proudly presents its official club website: Our club was founded in fall 2010 and is run by students of Dublin High School in Dublin, California. Currently, we have three VEX teams: 5327A, B and C, two of which (A and C) have qualified for the VEX World Championship this April, a first in our club's history. Our website serves a dual purpose: it is a tool our members use to keep up to date about club happenings, and it is a great place for community members and the general public to learn about what we do. On our website, you can find...
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Mira Loma Matadors Robotics


The Mira Loma Matadors Robotics website documents the achievements of the VRC#2059A team and the ZR#57 team. The school is involved in two robotics competitions: VEX Robotics and Zero Robotics. The website also provides resources for new teams and existing teams, providing tutorials, strategies, and general tips for competition.
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Haverford School Robotics: Team 169


This is the official website of The Haverford School Robotics: Team 169.
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General Reggie

This is the website for the club form St. Mary Central in Neenah, WI. It includes our long history in VEX Robotics Competition. Other teams can look at the tournaments we are attending and how we have done so far this year. They can also view our robots and fill out the survey if they want to share theirs with us.
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Forest Park Robotics - Virginia


Welcome to Forest Park Robotics 2013 Website! This year we are proud of the effort that our media team and webmaster put in to create this new site, which is quite an improvement over the previous generation. The main change in creating this new website is the addition of WordPress, an open-source content management system used by many bloggers to create online blogs, however with some hard work and determination a user can create a powerful and useful website using WordPress; and a custom website theme. In addition, to match current shifts in the web design and user accessibility industry...
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Phantom Robotics Team Website


Our website is where we post all news and information concerning our team. We also use this website to share useful information concerning robotics under the "resources" section. This contains links to educational websites in various categories. We also use the website in recruitment by advertising for the team as well as hosting our online apps.
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Chadwick Robotics Website, Made from Scratch with...


One of our Chadwick Robotics members recently learned how to write HTML on Notepad, so he bought Dreamweaver and made this website. Originally, we were thinking of buying a wordpress or blogger theme and simply sticking information for a low effort high reward website, but we ended up deciding to make a handmade website instead because this competition was a great opportunity to practice new coding skills and have fun at the same time. Greetings from Los Angeles!
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2218 Robotics UGHS


Our website's main purpose is to document all of our team achievements throughout the years and provide all of that information to our community and our followers. In addition our website is a great promotional platform for our sponsors because of our media outreach. The website contains information about past members, current members, awards, videos, pictures, sponsored school events, our community outreach, information about teams and their robots.
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GSMST Robodragons


This is the website of the GSMST Robodragons from the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology in Lawrenceville Georgia.
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Highlands Inter Team 394


Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team 394 is an after school program open to all students.
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Mustang Robotics Team 507


Using the VEX design system, Mustang Robotics strives to provide innovative educational opportunities, competitions, team building, and apprenticeships to students with enthusiasm for STEM fields. Our website was made by members of our team without outside help. -Sorry for re-entering our website, we did not include a preview in the last entry
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Wingus & Dingus Robotics

Wingus or Dingus

We are 2 brothers with a passion for robotics initially fuelled by the LEGO Mindstorms system. Over the last few years we’ve been in various robotics teams both together and separately with the highlight being 2 consecutive years in team Biohazard travelling to the USA for the FLL World Festival. With involvement in many different robotics programs we get a much wider view and broader experience that we’re now finding very useful in higher level competitions.
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The Pilons Website


Information, blog posts, tutorials, and more! All on
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South Brunswick Vikings


Our team website which promotes all of our sponsors and our development throughout the VEX season. We all enjoyed the building process and we documented it in this website.
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Eagle Engineering Team 1138 Online


Team 1138's Website was re-designed from the ground up by the team's IT guru, Junior Basi Angulo. This is Basi's 3rd year on the team, and first year as the team's lead web designer.
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Team Website


Our team website is here:
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ProjeXt Website


Brand new website, refined from our more unorthodox last year website.
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