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RECF Team Educational Video

This challenge offers robotics competition teams the opportunity to help other schools and clubs learn from their experience. Use your imagination - the only restriction is that it has to contain something useful for a new team to know about competition robotics.



Coaching On and Off The Field


This is a short film that discusses aspects of a coaches job to allow those new to coaching to quickly pick up on the key areas to gain success on field.
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The START Alliance


The Start Alliance is a group of robotics teams in different robotics categories such as FLL, FTC, VEX, and FTC, who are in constant communication and work together as one big team. We teach every team in the alliance that they can go as far as they want to, as long as they are willing to work for it. We want to unify the design and programing talents to achieve the mission of having a better country, and maximizing the experience of being part of a robotics team.
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How to Hold Up an Arm/How to Problem-Solve


This tutorial shows different approaches to holding up an arm, but also shows how to problem-solve and look for solutions that work.
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RECF Team Educational Video (Essay portion)


The essay portion for the RECF Team Educational Video. The video is complete, but it would make sense to ee the video and the essay right after the other.
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Time Management


A how to on time management and how to prepapre for the vex robotics competition.
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918A's 918A's Quest for the Holy Gear


Monty Python, Old Men from Scene 24, and Vex? Can it be? All three in one video? Yes! Explore the world of gear ratios with the two man team! Due to time constraints, we were unable to show all of what we did. To view the video with the compound gear ratio segment:
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Linear Lifts - 2931 Educational Video


An educational video showcasing the double extending linear lift
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How to build a basic X-Drive


2918A of Glenfield College presents "How to build a basic X-Drive" RECF Entry for 2013 Featuring Jason of Team 2918A, Levi of 2918B and Damion of 2918D
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What you need to know about Vex Robotics


This video is a simple tutorial of Vex Robotics, it explains the basic concepts of Vex Robotics and is intended as a useful guide to people who have recently joined Vex Robotics or plan on joining Vex Robotics in the near future.
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A Guide to Your First VEX Sack Attack Match


This video describes basic rules and regulations for the 2012 VEX Sack Attack Competition. It tells about the field layout, the parts of a round, and how to win.
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The Basics of VEX Sucess


Just a video providing new teams with a basics to kickstart their process.
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Tips and Tricks for beginners


This just explains how to act like a team and gives a few pointers for success.
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Vex Educational Video


Short video on the importance of a strategy.
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Quick-Change Motor Mechanism


This presentation will show how to construct a mechanism that will help you change motors without having to disassemble critical parts of your robot. This will save you time and avoid problems in case you need to replace a defective motor in competition between matches. We have constructed a mock-up showing on this side a typical motor attached to the chassis with one gear and axis. The 2-wire cable will also be attached to the chassis. In the event of a motor failure, you will need to remove this side of the chassis, remove the gear and remove the tie wraps of the cable in order to...
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Attack the Sack


You and group of your friends want to join Vex Robotics. You have made a team, bought robot parts, what's next? You need a guide that will help your team to build a robot. Here comes the "Attack the Sack" video we made. In our video we illustrated the key steps to achieve better and more efficient results when building a robot. Those steps are useful not only for the Sack Attack Competition; they will help you to succeed in future challenges as well.
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Vex Holonomic Drive


In this video produced by the South Brunswick High School Robotics Team B, two of our members will walk you through what a Holonomic Drive is, how it works, and why it will give you the ultimate edge on the playing field.
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Gearing With Gary Gear


Teams are scrambling to build robots in this years VEX game: matter mover. But oh no, It seems like one team is facing major problems! Will Gary Gear be able to teach the group about torque and gearing to save the day?
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Vex tips and tricks, back to the basics


this video is an educational video featuring mant basic skills that advanced and new students seem to forget and they are very important. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please tell me on youtube. additionally i can make you a video about anything you need to learn or problems you have. please read the PDF if you are interested
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Sack Attack Match Strategies


2625's 2013 educational design challenge, using the theme of competition match strategy.
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A Brief Overview of PID


This is a very brief look at the concept of a PID algorithm. Of course, we only delved very briefly into the concept, so a more detailed writeup is available for download, as well as sample code. Happy programming!
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VEXBusters - Are High Traction Wheels Stronger...


The Mira Loma Matadors take a new myth to the test. Are the VEX high traction wheels stronger than VEX omni wheels? They perform a fair and unbiased test to find the answer.
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Good Robotics


Welcome to the wonderful world of education and bad jokes called “Good Robotics!” In this parody of Alton Brown’s popular cooking show, “Good Eats” we cover various tips and tricks on how to assemble and start a “good robotics” team. In the beginning of the video, we go over necessary members and roles of a team, as well as what some of them do, and can do. (Animators, builders, documenters, and video editors are some good examples.) We also suggest going to the VEX robotics website, for online challenges for other members to enter, which is a must if you’re going for an Excellence...
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Amazing High Budget Chadwick Robotics Educational...


This week we teach you guys how to be safer in general, both on the competition field and in the robotics room. I bet some of you don't even know about the safety tip about using your knees instead of your back! Now that you guys know, you should try it.
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Team 3880: Tiki Techs Tips for the Engineering...


Tiki Technologies consists of roughly 40 high school students in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. With our big team, student credibility for projects is incredibly significant. We like to keep track of their work with an engineering binder. The binder is extremely important for a student's personal growth and for the work produced as a team. With so many students we like to emphasize the importance of an engineering binder. The engineering binder encompasses the vital components of creating a successful robotics experience. It keeps track of work done, reflections of past experiences, and future...
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Why Do My Gears Skip?

Wingus or Dingus

You might think using high strength gears will fix a gear skipping problem but actually this is unlikely. They will fix a gear breakage problem for sure since they are so much stronger but they’ll probably still skip if that was your original problem. This educational video uncovers the real cause of skipping gears and demonstrates some of our solutions.
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Standoffs: An Educational Video by Exothermic 10V


Team 10V Exothermic Victory explains the simple yet often overlooked robotics part: the standoff. Learn how, when, and why to use standoffs in this easy-to-follow guide.
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Building a Lifting Arm


This video outlines the steps needed to build a Lifting Arm for a VEX robot. Various tips and hints are given to insure maximum power and efficiency. The video ends with a parts list for building the arm.
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Center of Gravity: The Key to a Stable Robot


Has your robot ever fallen over in a match? Learn from the physics god why it happened and how to prevent it! The omniscient but rather arrogant physics god will explain the concepts of center of gravity and support polygon that are imperative for building and driving a stable robot. If the center of gravity of your robot shifts outside the support polygon, your robot will tip over. Hence, it is advantageous to make the support polygon as large as possible and keep the center of gravity low to prevent it from shifting too much. You’ll also learn about practical applications of center of...
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Robotics Modular Design


We employed a modular design concept in this year's designs. The concept uses a common structural frame in all our robots, and the main components: motor drive assembly, lift assembly, intake tray assembly, are all attached to this common structural framework. Our video details one completed version of the "motor-drive-pods", and, a second completed prototype, which are (and will be) this year's interchangeable modular motor drive assemblies. These can be changed-out between robots in a couple of minutes. We had too much down-time last year between matches, changing-out...
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VEX Tournament Tips


This video is for anyone who is interested or curious about how a VEX Competition runs. From this you will learn about how to go throughout the competition as well as some tips on how to be an efficient and successful. Hope to see you at the competitions!
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