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Good Robotics


Entry ID #: 773
Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 1:56 AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of education and bad jokes called “Good Robotics!” In this parody of Alton Brown’s popular cooking show, “Good Eats” we cover various tips and tricks on how to assemble and start a “good robotics” team. In the beginning of the video, we go over necessary members and roles of a team, as well as what some of them do, and can do. (Animators, builders, documenters, and video editors are some good examples.) We also suggest going to the VEX robotics website, for online challenges for other members to enter, which is a must if you’re going for an Excellence Award.) Our team emphasizes that there are plenty of positions for everyone, and many opportunities to utilize your special talents. We also go over the process of how to conceptualize your robot for competitions by studying and really getting to know the current game and its rules. Also suggested in the video is to keep notes of your progress in an engineering notebook with drawings and sketches to follow your improvements and accomplishments. A few tips on how to raise the money for everything was touched upon. And of course, we can’t forget the importance of SNACKS!!! (Which was discussed in length and with utmost depth and detail.) After a quick building montage, we go over the steps necessary to prepare to compete. Among the tips are: (1) Looking online for examples of much needed scouting sheets (2) Checking the VEX forums daily for news and updates (3) Getting plenty of sleep beforehand. (We’d also like to suggest lots of energy drinks.) This is a fun and quirky video that we hope is entertaining, and will teach you a few tricks of the trade as well!


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