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Team 3880: Tiki Techs Tips for the Engineering Binder


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Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 3:07 AM

Tiki Technologies consists of roughly 40 high school students in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. With our big team, student credibility for projects is incredibly significant. We like to keep track of their work with an engineering binder. The binder is extremely important for a student's personal growth and for the work produced as a team. With so many students we like to emphasize the importance of an engineering binder. The engineering binder encompasses the vital components of creating a successful robotics experience. It keeps track of work done, reflections of past experiences, and future goals. The binder includes a variety of information such as write ups from students, a copy of the game rules, a team's calendar, cad drawings and much more. Tiki Tech sophomore Josiah Clark is one of our experienced VEX builders and is used as an example in our video. His binder includes many robot CAD designs of previous robot designs as well as the current robot design. The binder also includes work with a progressive timeline, reflections, goals, evaluations, pictures, and notes. Team 3880 recommends that new teams start developing a strong binder system. We also suggest that you make it a fun and rewarding process for your students by letting them decide what is important to them during the engineering process. Ultimately, having good binders will help you stay on the right track for any VEX competition.


Team 3880 entry for the RECF Team Educational Video

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