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Center of Gravity: The Key to a Stable Robot


Entry ID #: 779
Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 8:48 AM

Has your robot ever fallen over in a match? Learn from the physics god why it happened and how to prevent it! The omniscient but rather arrogant physics god will explain the concepts of center of gravity and support polygon that are imperative for building and driving a stable robot. If the center of gravity of your robot shifts outside the support polygon, your robot will tip over. Hence, it is advantageous to make the support polygon as large as possible and keep the center of gravity low to prevent it from shifting too much. You’ll also learn about practical applications of center of gravity in aircrafts from a gregarious angel. Moreover, discover how to find the center of gravity in any object and perform a nifty experiment using center of gravity with a jocund flight attendant. You’ll be able to prevent your robot from ever tipping over after you watch this entertaining and informative video. You may even pick up a few tips on dueling! Brought to you by team 902A from Mansfield, CT.


A description of our video of how keeping center of gravity in mind will benefit your robot. Includes cast list and bibliography.

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