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Created: Wed, Jan 2, 2013 11:08 PM

It was the last day of the quarter in school and everyone was talking about grades. My friend Payton was upset because of biology, where her grade was a 98.97%. She had studied a lot and really tried to grasp the material, but was still unhappy because one student got a higher grade than her. "Everyone has something…" she explained "Something that they're really focused on. They can go on about it for hours and never get bored, and they're the best at what they do. Phoebe has astronomy, Austin has programming, and you have robotics. Everyone has their own specialty, and before today, I thought mine was biology. I'm interested enough, but obviously I'm not the best.” I reassured her that no one’s ever ‘the best’ at anything, even the kid who got a higher grade than her. Her affinity could be biology, but that doesn't mean that she had to have the highest grade in her class. Just because I’m known among my friends as "robogirl" doesn't mean I'm going to get an excellence award every time I compete. Still, I started thinking about who I would be without VEX, without my passion. I would have nothing substantial to say for myself about commitment, responsibility, or leadership. I might even become the type of person I try to avoid, those who can only talk about pop culture and gossip. VEX gives me depth, gives me a story, and gives me something to talk about. VEX makes me robogirl.

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