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What VEX Robotics Means to Us


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Created: Sun, Jan 6, 2013 4:04 PM

To us, VEX Robotics means developing a healthy sense of competition, tackling challenges, and engaging in new friendships. This is our third year competing in VEX Robotics. For the first two years, we were in a very large club in Pennsylvania with approximately one hundred students. My brother and I have competed on different teams, but now that we have joined a club in Virginia, we compete on the same team, with only a few other members. Despite the change of environment and people, we still thoroughly enjoy building robots, and competing in VEX Competitions. Robotics has given us many lasting relationships with people from our club, and from around the world. Being able to have alliances with and compete against people from China, Hawaii, Mexico and many other countries year after year at the VEX Robotics World Championship, has really enriched this experience. After participating in VEX for several years, we have begun to consider careers in the engineering field. Some of these jobs include Biomedical Engineer or Environmental Engineer. Through VEX, we have accomplished many feats, such as interacting with other teams through translators, earning spots at the World Championship for three consecutive years, and winning the Excellence Award at Worlds in 2011. We are continuously shocked when we realize that we build and program functioning robots with only a few other students and our mentors.

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