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A part of my life , Vex Robotics


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Created: Mon, Jan 7, 2013 8:25 AM

I am from Hai Sing Catholic School ,team 8065B.I am a typical student in Singapore ,i am 15 this year (2013). However ,something in my life had made me unique from the rest of the students , that 'something' is Vex Robotics. In Singapore, we have a education system that is different from most countries such as the United States Of America. Students in Singapore first start their school life in a kindergarden at the age of 5-6 they then proceed to a Primary school at the age of 7 and they will spend 6 years in that school. After Primary school, they proceed to Secondary school at the age of 13 and they will spend 4 years here , the will then proceed to junior college for 2 years before going to the University. I am in Secondary school year 3 this year ,and i had been introduced to Vex Robotics when i was Primary 4 and at the age of 11. I have been doing Vex Robotics till now. We do robotics in our school and sometimes we spend more time training for a competition then being at home, however that is all worthed it when we have achieved the Robot Skills Champion , Tournament Champion in the 2012 Vex Robotics Championship held in Anaheim,California. Training for us starts right after we end school, we will decide on a few designs and we will be given roles , everyone has a important part to do. After constructing the robots , we will debate on which robot is the best and we will all agree to take on that robot design for the competition. Training starts once we have finished constructing the our robots . We will add our own details to the robot . Although our robots might look the same , they all behave very differently , and each of them is unique in their own way. Robots can be like humans , we can have twins , but their characteristics would not be the same . Training includes Robot Skills , tournament and Proggraming Skills. For robot skills, we have a certain target everyday, everyday is a new challenge for us. We do have friendly matches with other Singapore schools and from there, we can learn from our mistakes and the other schools mistakes. Training normally starts at 8 in the morning , and ends around 6 in the evening. That is the sacrifice if we want to do well in a competition. Our teachers always tells us that 'we are the elites ,we are better than the rest' this short but encouraging sentence always makes us feel encouraged and willing to move further. The long training times also says that we wont be able to hang out with our friends as much and our revision time will be cut short, thus we must be independent enough to make our revisions way before the rest. Vex Robotics had made me a better person , an independent person . It also has Mathematics , Physics and Design And Technology , we are able to incorperate these subjects into Vex Robotics and use it a time to learn more about them. We constantly have to use Mathematics to calculate the gear ratios, Physics to calculate the force , and Design and Technology to learn about the support polygon of a robot, thus building a strong robot. Outside school , when i go to places which have objects that need to be improved , Vex parts will appear in my head , and i will think of how to improve it using the imaginary Vex Parts. I only got to know about Vex Robotics when i was Primary 4 and my first competition was the 2008 Singapore Vex Robotics Championship , the game was Elevation . I had obtained a bronze and i was happy with it.It was a great experience for me and i went to competitions such as the World Vex and the Asia Pacific Vex (APAC) All in all, Vex Robotics has always been a big part of my life , without it, I would not meet as much friends , be as independent and be as knowledgeable. Without Vex, there will not be me and the Hai Sing Catholic School Robotics Team . Together , we will strive for even better results in future competitions.


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