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VEX 2012 - My Experience


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Created: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 7:26 PM

My name is Diego Andres Cruz. I started hearing from VEX Robotics Challenges in 2010 when I was eleven years old. I’m fourteen now and my experience had been so extraordinary that I continue participating in Robotics competitions since then. The Robotics project started in my school in 2010. The mentor was recruiting members for the Middle School team. When I heard the details of VEX Competitions I mentioned to her that I wanted to be part of the team because I was very impressed by the idea of constructing a robot with a team. My parents told me that this was a large responsibility, so you have to be committed. “If Robotics is what you want, we’ll support you” is what they said. The opportunity of being part of a team, work and discuss robot designs, share ideas, meet persons from other schools and countries, participate in a respectful environment, challenge your mind and acquire the skills needed for this type of events is only a few things gained when you participate in a Robotics competition. I am very fortunate. I had been recognized not only as Diego, but as the kid that helped his team participate in the World Wide Robotics Championship 2012 and achieve sub champions of middle school challenge. Because of my experience I have already decided that my life will be “like father like son”. I’ll be part of the electronics-mechanical word of engineering. I think that’s my win situation with VEX Robotics.

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