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A Talent Written, Not Voiced


Entry ID #: 888
Created: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 8:56 PM

When my parents forced me into VEX robotics, I’ll admit that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to getting into it. I figured that this was made for left brained people who worked with their hands and enjoyed figuring things out logically, like my younger sister. I'm a right brained type of girl who likes to use the arts as an outlet for my emotions. Back then, I wanted to be a voice actress for PIXAR, which sounded fun to do for a living. I didn’t think that I would be able to use or improve, the abilities that I had for something like robotics. Then one day, we discovered a series of online challenges that offered several prizes by VEX. One that immediately caught my mom’s eye was the essay contest. She knew that I was always writing in my spare time and thought that I could do well in it. I had never thought that I was a good writer, and typically kept my work to myself as personal stories. I stayed up late finishing the final draft of my essay on how robotics changed the way that I viewed society. Finally, when the results were announced, I saw the title, my title, listed at the very top with the other winners. “Perfect Perspective.” Now, I write more often and am studying and preparing for a new career as a scriptwriter for PIXAR. Thank you VEX, for opening my eyes to a talent that I didn’t know was there.


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