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Team 7011 Challengers Promotional Video


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Created: Thu, Apr 2, 2009 11:18 AM

Challengers Team Promotional Video.


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   user4751 on 04/11/2009

As producer of the video, I really realized that our promotional video is not fully in the spirit of VEX and much less is being humble and would like to apologize for our mistake. In Vex win is not everything! The purpose of the Vex is that young people can join, have fun and learn together through technology. The VEX do not want transform the young people in robots. The VEX want to teach young people to be aware of their duties and responsibilities and above all that young people can to form a just society that can provide education and love to their children. The greatest victory we can achieve in Vex is realize that we can change the world! Again I ask forgiveness and hope that the team that wins this dispute is the team that lives the true VEX spirit! Good luck to all!!!

   user8026 on 04/10/2009

Very well put, We are all winners from the experience we gain and the friends we make.

   user4751 on 04/10/2009

I am a member of this team and also the developer of this video. Our video shows some wins because I wanted to pass the idea that the Vex you always win something, even if not titles and medals, but friends who will never forget, experience of life, realization of dreams ... I always saw the Vex that way. I met many people, I spent great moments, including losses we had, but we raise our heads and we celebrated with everyone. In celebration of the closure of Vex Robotics World Championship I spent the best moments of my life, because there were not more teams, but a GREAT TEAM! Anyway, for me this is the Vex spirit, we are all winners in life!

   user4751 on 04/02/2009

To me this video conveys the spirit of competition of the championships of Vex. This is the best promotional video!