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Created: Thu, Apr 9, 2009 12:25 AM

Our team built Nombot for the 2009 New Zealand VEX National Competition. We loved him and felt we had to make a short video showing his personality and achievements. His friend Leviathan served us well during the season and won the last competition just before the Nationals! Team 2901 has grown this season see you next one!


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   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 05/03/2009

Awarded 2nd place by the Judges! Well done RAR we worked hard for it. :=) Once again thank you to everyone who voted. We hope Nombot made you smile.

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 04/23/2009

Yay! We managed to make the top 8! We just want to say a big than you to Dick Smith Electronics for letting Nombot show off his talents in their shop, for allowing us to show the VEX videos on their widescreens and allowing us to use their laptops to help register people to vote. We really enjoyed ourselves. Well done to the team who gave up their time to contact their friends, neighbours and even strangers to ask them to watch the VEX videos and vote. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, whether you thought we were good or bad. It is great that you took the time to vote. We cannot wait to make our next video. Om...Nom...Nombot!

   SCrossley on 04/23/2009

Hey Guys, great video =] It was awesome driving with you guys at National. And you completely deserved that Support Award!! The R.A.R Run cheering section was epic =]

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 04/22/2009

WHS thanks for loving Nombot like we do and for your comments. Sure, we always do play fair. We lost the Semi Finals in our National Competition recently when we helped the opposing team by giving them freshly charged batteries when theirs were a bit low. It is for this and many other reasons we won the SUPPORT award.

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 04/16/2009

Shruti, Thanks for your praise! We looked at all of the areas that we could try to fit into the video. This is the first year for VEX in New Zealand and as we can never seem to stop laughing we wanted to 'Create an entertaining advertisement/short movie highlighting VEX Robots'. We slipped in a bit about the design and build as the CAD guys spent so long on Leviathan. We have just too many photos of birthday cakes etc to show them. :-) As rookies we are still setting up our school program, our junior recruitement starts when we get back to school soon. This video will be used in assemblies etc. We are trying to find a way to get nombot to sign autographs! Nombot uses humans to promote VEX.

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 04/14/2009

Dark1, You are so right! Nombot is as sturdy as a rock. Would anyone be interested in a YouTube biography being made of him and his features? Automatic cube grabbing, line follower etc. His arm is a mass of sensors! Leviathan does not have a face as both Nombot and leviathan appear as they did in the competition with the exception of Nombot's smile and moving his nose down a bit (his 'face' is our line follower that worked when the arm was in its 'load cube/down' position). The shiny pupils in the intro scene are the LEDs in the line followers reflecting the lights we used (just had to find the right position for them). Cool hey! We wish we had let him have his mohawk for the competition. The comp videos are fuzzy as we had lent our cameras to the organisers of the NZ Competition to record that event and were not able to get anything better in time for this competition, so we had to rely on zooming in. :-) Thanks for the feedback as it is only through constructive critisism that we learn and grow :-)

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 04/11/2009

Thanks, you are right MagicPuppy, we were getting a bit overexcited. Good luck to everyone. :-)