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Team 2202a Promotional Video - VEX Robotics Design Challenge Entry


Entry ID #: 43
Created: Thu, Apr 9, 2009 11:49 AM

This is team 2202's promotional video(sorry for deleting the other entry video, it was the wrong video). Our team has been through a lot this year. We are only composed of 3 members, which 2 are rookies. It's been really hard all year long, but we have hold on because we think all our frustrations and bad times won't matter because at the end it will be worth it. Whats been harder is that our team has been using the same vex robotics kit since last year's competition, Bridge Battle, because our schools doesn't have the resources to buy another one. Our team believes in hard work and dedication, which has helped us in keep going forward. We are now considered by the directors of the Puerto Rico Institute of Robotics, one of the best teams that will represent Puerto Rico. We are ready to show the world what this little team from Puerto Rico can do.


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