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Single Axis, Rotating Solar Panel Mount


Entry ID #: 967
Created: Sat, Jan 5, 2013 11:56 PM

As our entry to the Autodesk sustainability design challenge, we decided to CAD a solar panel mount that rotates about an axis to keep the solar panel at a more direct angle with the suns rays. This allows the panel to collect more energy as the day progresses, making the panel (or an array of panels) more efficient. The mount uses special gearing and VEX motors to rotate the panel in one axis direction. The base of the panel allows it to be connected to a larger array of these panels. The ultimate goal of the mount is to increase the efficiency of solar power plants that only have stationary panels.


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   lyncas on 01/22/2013

nice job with autodesk work.

   nickd2012 on 01/15/2013

super dooper!