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Weed Terminator


Entry ID #: 974
Created: Thu, Jan 10, 2013 11:11 PM

Dads will love our robot. It applies herbicides for precision targeted treatment of weeds in lawn. An ultrasonic range finder measures the distance from target weed and adjusts the boom height for chemical spray. Shields are mounted around the nozzle to form a spray chamber to prevent spray drift caused by damaging wind. To improve energy efficiency, a linear slide is installed to move the spray module laterally to widen the spray coverage and therefore reduces the robot's travel distance. For durability, a stationary rollover simulation is run on Autodesk ForceEffect. The results led to change of wheel configuration and weight distribution in the digital prototype. Sustainability is hard-coded in our design.


Sustainable Design of a lawn care robot

We started the project with reviews of videos and tutorials from Autodesk Sustainability Workshop. After brainstorming, we listed our design goals and sketched key assemblies on paper. We reiterated 3 design cycles for robot enhancement and sustainability.

The prototype was tilted 35 degree downward and traced in iPad. Given the loads on robots, we figured out that Autodesk ForceEffect can calculate the reaction forces on wheels to simulate stationary rollover test.

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   kwoksiu on 01/25/2013

Using Autodesk ForceEffect to determine the direction of reaction force on rear wheels is one way to simulate stationary rollover test. It is unique!