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Online Essay by Jacob Youngea Finley


Entry ID #: 1000
Created: Thu, Dec 19, 2013 3:09 PM

On team 415D Techtronics I run the website, help by taking pictures at competitions, I also am always ready when a teammate needs help or needs something done. In Principles of Engineering we used VEX parts to build a car to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell or solar panel. Shortly after joining Techtronics, I decided I wanted to be a mechanical engineer because I liked taking the metal, cutting it and then assembling it onto the robot and then putting on the motors and gears to get the robot running. The first time I heard about robotics my freshman year of high school I wanted to go and see what it was about. I would have participated that year, but things kept me from doing robotics. A good friend of mine, who is now at the University of South Carolina, told me about how he took PLTW courses and was in robotic and told me I should watch his next team’s competitions online. After watching the matches I was ready to be on a team and working on a robot. When deciding whether to stay in PLTW or try something else my parents told me how they saw that I was really enjoying the course and that I should continue what I had started, so the following year which is now my sophomore year in high school I joined Techtronics and am happy that I have a great team to be on which my life revolves around.


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