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Being able to check the box that I won an international honor


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Created: Mon, Dec 23, 2013 4:21 PM

When I first looked at the common application as a junior to see what I would need to fill out the next year, I looked and saw on the options to select an honor that you could say it was a school, state, national or international honor. I thought to myself, does anyone win an award that is national or international; why would they even have these options? It turns out that it was me. Last year we designed a simple but efficient robot and won an excellence award. We continued winning at least one trophy at every competition including a second excellence award and a tournament champion’s trophy. These awards qualified us for the World Championship in California. We performed well at worlds and won the divisional excellence award—an international award (because worlds is an international event.) Participating in robotics has allowed me to become a better student in math, science, and physics. I have been accepted to the colleges that I have applied to and am going to pursue a degree in computer engineering. I am glad that I have had the experience to build and program robots in vex as it has prepared me for future engineering challenges in my life.


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