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Created: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 5:31 PM

Robotics has fascinated meet since I was 6 years old working with my first Lego NXT. VEX Robotics has fascinated me since the first time I saw a VEX robot at TSA states in 2012. Since then I attended a summer camp for VEX and started my first VEX team through TSA. We creatively worked together to solve the problem of the Sack Attack game and created our first robot named Alvin. We won the TSA states tournament which included high school teams. This qualified us for TSA Nationals where we encountered a robot that made us rethink what we knew about VEX. This robot had been to Worlds and handily beat us in the finals. I knew then we wanted to build a robot of that caliber and get to Worlds ourselves. We set that as our goal and began working on our second robot in July of 2013. We knew we had to be more creative and pay attention to every detail. With our second robot Alvin Jr, we are on track to achieve this goal. Throughout this journey, VEX has made me realize robotics is more than a fascination, it is my passion. Next year, I hope to attend a county high school program focused on engineering. Beyond that, I have outlined plans for college and my career that all involve robotics.

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