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Entry ID #: 1127
Created: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 11:24 PM

5900J's Kyle Medeiros writes about hope and the power it can have over a team.


Hope Picture two teams at the end of a long day of competition, having finally made it to the end, with only one thing standing in each others' way. Everyone on these teams has worked countless hours and long nights to get their robot running and ready to compete. The crowd is cheering and welded to the edge of their seats, waiting for the final match to begin. The teams place their robots on the field. No matter who is the victor, both teams have won. The Tournament Champion moves on to the next highest competition, but the runners up receive either the best gift they can get, or the most harmful poison for a team. Some teams will give up, having come so far only to be snubbed by someone slightly “better” than them in their eyes. There is no hope for people who don't seek it out, and while it may seem like a harsh fact, it's the truth. For every team that doesn't seek out hope, however, there are other teams who will rise from the metaphorical ashes and experience a fiery rebirth, kindled over the ever undying flames of inspiration and spirit; the spirit to carry on even when things seem at their worst. Hope is the driving force that brings teams to achieve better-than-greatness.

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