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Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 1:05 AM

This is our website. As well as all the latest news, photos, and videos, we have a members only forum, and a whole load of resources for other teams. We also have details on VEX, our team, and our outreach. For all the details on our website, and how it is built, please see "About Our Website", on our website.


There is nothing here.

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   Jij on 01/15/2014

Jordan (LegoMindstormsManiac), The site you were viewing was our old site, I left a message on our homepage explaining that we were about to completely upgrade it with a new site we have been developing on a localhost. As we speak, I am preparing to make the switch. Hope you check the site again afterwards, much has changed and the content and photos are all all up to date, I promise :) ~George

   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 01/14/2014

Nothing has been updated for this season. Only one news post for Toss Up. All media, and even the "meet this year's game" banner, is stuck in the past with Sack Attack being the latest game. Otherwise, it's a great website, but it's practically the same as what was entered last year, save a few news posts between February and April of last year. Very disappoint, Geroge. ;{ Love you, though.

   Quarkity on 01/14/2014

I loved the way you had your year's journal of triumphs and learning written up. The history shows that you've left a really important guide for teams afterwards to learn the lessons and improve on them... the Social Media? Gives you that unique crew name (and the mascot is neat, too) A+