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EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VRC team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.)



Team 323Z Aftershock


Team 323Z Aftershock's website if full of past robots, accomplishments, biographies about the team, and lots of resources for all VEX Robotics and FIRST Robotics teams. Soon to come from 323Z is a new website: which will have hundreds of tutorials, lift systems, drive systems and other things. 323Z wants to inspire the world to be inspirational.
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We are a group of 4-H'ers that come together from Stearns county every year to compete in Vex. Last year, our team placed first in the Albert Lea competition, and we received the Teamwork Award at the St. Cloud Competition.
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Steel Nightmare


We are part of the robotics club of our University. Our teams are multidisciplinary, we have colleague of Mechanics - Metal Engineering and Technology of Information and Communication Engineering. We complement our academic activities, with developing robots in our spare time.
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WGHS Robotics

Enrique R Santa Cruz

We love to give back to the community,it is a way to thank everyone one who has supported us and has donated there time and efforts to make robotics what it is today. Every chance we get we love to volunteer.
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Vexmen website


The Vexmen of Downingown, PA website. See what our 20+ teams and 100+ students are up to. See our events, results, educational sessions, field trips, sponsors, and more!
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Ronald Reagan Metallic Mustangs


Our school, presents a website made by a member in the metallic mustangs. The website will include a forums page, a calendar for our members to check for upcoming events, a donations page, and contacts of the coaches. THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS!!! SOMEONE DELETED MY PROFILE SO I HAD TO RESUBMIT!!! ~Thanks
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The Boss Botz's Website!


The website, just like every thing else we build is entirely built by the members. We take pride in our work and feel its our group not the adults team. The main use of our sight is for other teams to check up on us. We are a click away and if always desplaying our current robot. It also acts as a medium to translate what robotics is. Many people we meet don't know what vex is or what robotics is even like; our website hells us explane it clearly and quickly. We hope you enjoy what we have digitally crafted! Thank you
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Eagle Robotics


The mission of the Landstown High School Governors STEM & Technology Academy Eagle Robotics Teams is to create a positive environment where mentors and students work side by side as equal partners. The mentors will find it rewarding to use their real world experience to lead and inspire the students to be science, technology and business leaders in the future. The students will acquire important skills that will serve them well in their college years and their future career.
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Linwood College Robotics


Linwood College is a STEM school and this site was created with Technology and Engineering in mind. It covers the history of our Robotics teams and features the challenges that they have faced. The web site is prominent on the schools web page which enables the wider community to access what is happening in this exciting area. Both Junior and Senior Robotics are featured to show future pathways for students. It also shows students how to enroll.
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This is our website which we have had since our team was started in 2012.
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Bacon Bots Blog


We have created a blog at
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This a website we have recently started to promote our robotics team and our endeavors in robotics and our community.
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Vex Website Challenge


This is the 918 website.
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918-D Pantherbots Website


This is the website for 918-D pantherbots
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Arkham Asylum Website


This year we redesigned our website from scratch, to make it easier to change and more user friendly. We've added an outreach section, to talk about all the different things over the year. We also added some links to the websites that we visit a lot, such as vex robotics, robot events, RECF, and links on technical discussions and how to start a team.
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Team 918 E's website

user812548 This is the URL for my teams website.
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Bears Website


Bears is a group of STEM robotics teams based in Mexico. We began developing our website back in 2011, and we use Adobe Muse (mostly HTML5) to develop it. We compress every file in the site with software like ImageOptim to ensure it is blazing fast, and use Clicky to get stats about our visitors. For this season we launched v3.0 after months of construction; it includes a complete visual overhaul focused on simplicity based on a grid system, and a 300% increment the amount of content found vs previous versions. The idea behind the website is for it to be informative, simple to navigate, and...
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5119z - Official Website


This website was produced by liam grazier of 5119z hope you enjoy it, please vote ! North Bromsgrove High School Videos hosted via youtube Pics hosted via FTP w/html files & css Photo Album - flickr
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Website Challange


Website for The Surge team 6252 from Colorado
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Green MacHHHHine Robotics Website


This is the website for VEX Robotics Competition Team 3129A. The website was designed, created, and is now maintained entirely by students on the team.
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Silver Lake Robotics


Here is the Official Entry for the Silver Lake Program! The members of this program are dedicated, helpful, and very intuitive.
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ACTC VEX Robotics Website


Program website for the Anderson Districts I & II Career and Technology Center; includes links to each of the 4 VEX teams sites as well.
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Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team Website


The Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team website is a history of how our team has grown through robotics. It shares our mission and accomplishments through the years. It is a snapshot of who we are and what we are involved in.
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Noob City Website


Team and school website for Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska.
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GCEC Team Website


The GCEC Robotics team website
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CHS Robotics Website


This is a website made by team 1670A describing Calvert High School's robotics program. **The URL for our other website entry was not uploaded properly.**
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Iron Eagles Website


The official website for the Iron Eagles, Vex Team 341.
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#5733 Vex For Vendetta Website


Our team's website contains everything about our team, what we do, what we've learned. It includes an evolving encyclopedia that fits the french team's needs, they ask questions and we create an article about what they need. We thought that the community needed something closer to their concerns, rather than doubling the vex Wiki. This encyclopedia will be online the 17th of January 2014 ! We translated on our own all our website in French for our community, and in English for the World Wide Vex community. We did not want google translate to make mistakes that could interfere with our...
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FAHS Robotics Club

Niamh C

Our Club Website. We use this site to communicate to the team and to people thinking about joining our club. We also use this as a mechanism for sharing our documentation.
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Team 134 Discovery


Website URL:
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Team Robolution Website


This is the first website that was created for our team. through it, we hope that people will be able to find out more about us, our team, and our projects. This is our first year in vex, but as we gain experience, we hope that we will be able to use our website not only to let other find out more about our team, but also provide a way for us to share important and useful information that others can use in creation of their VEX Robots.
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This is a website that promotes our team!
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EHS Robotics Website


Our website designed and developed from scratch in HTML5 on a self-hosted WordPress blog by one of the robotics team members. The website is also responsive meaning the website will scale properly to mobile devices without using different code. We post updates to the team via the blog and have pages set up for each team and their members. There is also a photo gallery and supporters page.
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6297 FCS HS VEX Robotics Club


Our website was built entirely using raw HTML over the course of several months. The goal was to build a responsive website that contained information about our club and give members access to pictures and news articles in a clean, modern format.
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2250 Web Page


This is the 2250 Robotics Club Website. It contains the past and present accomplishments, our future goals as a club, and how to stay up to date with our activities. Created and Edited by: Ana Marte
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Piratech Robotics website

Nick (Piratech)

This is our new, current website. It shows some of our history, our own vex event, and has a ustream player embedded for when our competition goes live.
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6135 Website


Central Hardin High School’s CHHS Bruin Vex Robotics Team 6135 presents their Vex Robotics Team Website. The website is a combined effort of all the CHHS Bruin Teams to compile and update Team 6135 information to the public and peers. The websites purpose is a resource for the team and families. It is also Team 6135’s connection to the community and the World to promote Vex Robotics. Website design and layout was configured by senior team members Michael Riggs and Josh Newton.
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CIMATEC Robotics 2252 Website

Team 2252C

This is Team 2252's official website. It includes our team history, our VEX program and other stuff too. Visit our page for more info.
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VHS Crusaders


This website gives information on our team as well as ways to contact our team.
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CHESS Knights Robotics website


Newcomers to VEX robotics display their programming skills with this student-programmed website that includes the use of a database to store sponsor information and automatically display sponsor logos on the website, use of css, inclusion of a dynamic calendar, and more.
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Website:Phoenix Robotics


This is the website for Team 2581 Phoenix Robotics. Our website is a place for other teams to not only learn who we are, but see what projects we have created throughout the years. It has links to Youtube and VEX related websites as well. This website was created by the team members of Phoenix Robotics Club and is updated by members as new projects come out.
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Patriot Robotics


Patriot Robotics (Team 1437) proudly presents our website.
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Omega Red Robotics Website


Please see the website detailing the Omega Red VEX Robotics team and FIRE NSBE Jr.
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Overclocked Website


This is the official website for Boston University Academy's robotics team Overclocked. It documents our participation in FIRST and VEX, as well as our community outreach.
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NOVA Robotics Website


The NOVA Robotics team believes in a future where everyone respects science and engineering. One where hopes and dreams can culminate from the efforts of young scientists who one day dream of creating something beautiful.
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SBHS Team 750Evolution Website


Our website and entry into this competition
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Mira Loma Matadors


The Matadors, team 2059A, show their team website. The Matadors compete in both the VEX and the Zero Robotics competitions, so the website includes information about both teams.
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Kent Denver Middle School Robotics Program -...


Hello! This is the middle school club/school robotics club website. It is hosted on a WordPress base, with a custom theme layered on top. Our team will definitely continue to revise and update this website. The last entry was a logistical error, so we apologize for that!
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7682 Wingus & Dingus Robotics

Wingus or Dingus

Our entry for the EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge.
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GSMST RoboDragons Website


We are the RoboDragons from GA, USA, and this is our website. We have a main website and we also have a portal system allowing each club member to have their own account. More information is located in our website.
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