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Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2014 11:43 AM

Patriot Robotics presents our 2014 online challenge.


There is nothing here.

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   aradbel1437 on 01/26/2014

There is no metal box under the robot - the metal plates you see are simply mounted on the outside for decoration. All structural and functional parts of the robot are constructed from VEX materials.

   user820131 on 01/20/2014

Very racy looking design. Like trophy emerging from top.

   Phil986a on 01/16/2014

Haha its sooo beast XD And we're in the shot :)

   mmistermrm on 01/16/2014

This is a really nice robot and i hope this good work gets rewarded

   Kronos2990a on 01/15/2014

Why did you make it so good... why.... I wanted to win...

   aradbel1437 on 01/14/2014

Yes. The pyramid's lift, the bay door mechanism, the trophy outtake system, the drive system, and the structure of the robot, and any other functional systems are all made from VEX materials. The only non-VEX part of the robot that cannot be seen in the video is the fog machine system, although that is intentionally hidden from view and is remote-operated, as is the LED screen.