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Entry ID #: 1288
Created: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 10:04 PM

Central Hardin High School’s Vex Robotics Team 6135 presents the FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction 2014 Challenge – “Trophy Robot”. The ideas, design, construction, and functions were a combined effort of all the 6135 Teams. The Trophy Robot has been designed and built to assist in delivery of trophies at the VEX Robotics World Championships and any trophy presentation awards ceremony. The Robot accommodates one trophy at a time to add spectacle in the delivery driving in and departing. A holonomic drive system and 26” wheel base allow the robot to be very mobile, light weight, and easily transported. The trophy re-tracking device supports all Vex size trophies and many other types of trophies with a secure interchangeable mounting device. Outside skins on the robot are easily interchangeable to accommodate poster size prints 24” by 36” cut to fit. This allows customization for various award events and promotional events. The robot is driver control with Vex Joystick and Cortex. A rack and pinion system is used as the raising device. They robot is very easy to operate and versatile for many situations.


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