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DADDOR - Gael Force Robotics


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Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 10:42 AM

Gael Force Robotics proudly presents DADDOR, the Dynamic Award Display and Delivery Octagon Robot.


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   EAKC on 03/03/2014

I love it guys. I'm surprised I haven't said anything before but you guys did amazing! You're all doing great things!

   JoshPrice on 01/16/2014

Five VEX subsystems on the robot. First is the base, with 8 motors and 12 omni-wheels. Second is the turntable, which spins infinitely and has 8 motors powered by a separate cortex. Third is what we call the "drawbridge", which pulls the whole claw system up and down with a winch and pulley. Fourth is the claw, which has a multi-stage rack and pinion system to extend and a powerful rack and pinion system to grasp and release the trophies. Fifth is the elevator, which consists of four tank tread lines attached to a single platform. There are also two Arduinos for the RGB LEDs and the remote operated desktop that can be synced to any local computer.

   mmistermrm on 01/15/2014

How much of the robot is autonomous

   mmistermrm on 01/15/2014

was the fog just part of the video or does the robot have a fog machine

   vxrobomentor on 01/14/2014

and the Winner is.....