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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself to the community, to help recruit new members and mentors, and gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their school or community.



Mass Message


Some kids recieve a mass text message from Robotics and come to discover the amazing fun of robotics and VEX.
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VEX Promote Award


Here is Team 918C's Promote Award entry.
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2013 STEM Educational Video - Robotica ENAE


This video shows the Robótica Enae teamwork during 2013, in both the Toss Up national tournament and the research project.
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CSM Talons - An Electrifying Evening with the...


This event was a fund raiser gala hosted by CSM's Foundation to support scholarships for students. The gala raised over $68,000 for students. College of Southern Maryland's CSM Talons robotics team was invited to do a demo to entertain the guests and to showcase the college's STEM programs. The team used two of their new robots along with other robots that they had used to conduct programming workshops for mentors of middle and high school robotics teams. They invited members of the audience to play the VEX Robotics Competition Toss Up game. The participants had a great time and got a...
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5150E Promote!


One of Danbury's three 5150 Robot's, Bertha contains 2o pounds of metal, but enough torque and speed to conquer the playing field. Her swift intake, unique design, excellent programming and stability make her stand out in the crowd.
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2250E PROMO | Puerto Rico


If one word could describe team 2250E, it's ambitious. The team is composed of five (5) Puerto Rican students who go by the names of: Alberto, Yahel, Gaddiel, Debra and Ana. Mentored by José Marte; a former Vex Robotics competitor. Video produced by: Ana M. Marte Sánchez Program Used: Sony Vegas Platinum 11.0
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Anything is possible.


With dedication and passion, anything is possible!
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Super Alliance Team 394, Unite!


Highlands Intermediate Team 394 forms an alliance with VEX and the SuperHeroes to promote STEM. Watch us have a Vision Experiment Xecute.
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Design Your Dreams


This video tells the history of a french Vex robotics team. The first reunion between friends to start the project. The conception of the robot. The building and the programming of the robot. Then comes the first qualifying competitions, bigger and bigger until we arrive at the most important competition of the year : The Vex Worlds Championship ! This video is based on our own experience. We were a team in this little country called France, where there's at most 40 teams. We were selected for the Vex World Championship and earned the Think Award in art division. We want french...
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5119z - Promote Award Entry 2013-2014


A video that three of us made, designed to be funny.
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What is Vex Robotics?


We are team 2177e the Metal Strikerz from Silver Lake Intermediate and this is our Vex Robotics 2013-2014 Promote Video. To us Vex Robotics is about Designing, Engineering, Programming, Competing and having fun!
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A Pilons Journey


A story of our journey through the vast expanses of the VEX Robotics Competition, of batteries forgotten and lessons learned. Join us, in the VEX Robotics Competition, and let it change your life like it did our own.
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Our team tried without much money to bring to the world what we can, our knowledge. We want the whole world to know that learning does not need money, but all the same we displaying and abjetivo. This team has a dream ...Be world champions! and show those who think they need money to get to the top is not, we want to bring our family honor and pride to our country COLOMBIA
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FAHS Robotics Club

Niamh C

This is the team video made as the first project of Feilding High School's Film Makers Club. It showcases our team structure and how to get involved
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This is a video of the process we went through for this year's competition.
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The Vex Style


A video about the commitment to vex.
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Promoting the ICEBOTSzx VEX Robotics Team


In this video, Team ICEBOTSzx shows that Robotics can be fun! One member of the ICEBOTSzx team introduces a friend to observe his VEX Robotics team meeting. At this meeting his friend discovers that Robotics is not as complicated as he thought!
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Vex Robotics Team 6135A Promote Video 2014


Through this video, we hope to show that VEX Robotics is easy to join and that anyone can sign up regardless of age or experience. VEX Robotics is an exciting program that makes it easy for people to work together and have fun, and we want others to see this. JOIN VEX ROBOTICS TODAY!
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Epic Split (VEX)

Omni Eagles 4000

Do not try this at home. Join VEX robotics and become like these guys: Or else you'll end up like this guy:
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Cranbrook Kingswood Robotics


The video shows a number of different teams from Cranbrook Kingswood over the years, at work at school as well at competitions, including the Worlds at Anaheim.
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What VEX Means to 2252C

Team 2252C

This video demonstrates the opinion of Puerto Rican 2252C team members about VRC Competition. Programs used: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS6.
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Girls in Engineering!


The video begins in the year 2073 with an old lady in a nursing home. When the nurse comments on her necklace, she has a flashback memory to 2013-- her middle school years and being a part of the VEX Robotics team. The video continues with several of the members stating what VEX has done for them - as a girl, and personally. It closes with the old lady in the nursing home making a final statement of what those years meant to her.
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Critical Mass' journey


A promotional video for 1069e Critical Mass encompassing the robotics experience, over the past three years.
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Women in Science and Engineering 6945A


We are WISE, Women in Science and Engineering, an all girls VEX robotics team, beginning our first year of VEX.
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PWCS VEX Team 6002A


Heres a short, simple, and sweet promo video that I hope explains a little about us in a fun way.
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VEX: The Movie


Watch as a boy dreams of entering the world of competitive robotics and fulfills his dream through VEX. Coming to a theatre near you on 3/1/29. Starring: Robbie Kalb Executive Producers: Jamie Kalb Irv Kalb Miles Chaston Produced and Directed by: Timmy Beckmann Robbie Kalb Written by: Timmy Beckmann Robbie Kalb Edited by: Timmy Beckmann Narrated by: Robbie Kalb Line Producer: Lsquared Leland Supervising Production Managers: Harrison Tang Hannah Athey Junior Production Manager: Seraphine Goh Special Thanks: All of our mentors (Irv, Jamie, and...
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The Elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth


We can bend the elements. We have mastered them. We are the elements. We are a Robotics Team and are in harmony with each other. We are Team Elements.
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986a Promote Award


2014 Promote Award Entry
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