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CSM Talons - An Electrifying Evening with the Arts and Sciences


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Created: Thu, Jan 2, 2014 9:01 AM

This event was a fund raiser gala hosted by CSM's Foundation to support scholarships for students. The gala raised over $68,000 for students. College of Southern Maryland's CSM Talons robotics team was invited to do a demo to entertain the guests and to showcase the college's STEM programs. The team used two of their new robots along with other robots that they had used to conduct programming workshops for mentors of middle and high school robotics teams. They invited members of the audience to play the VEX Robotics Competition Toss Up game. The participants had a great time and got a first-hand exciting experience into the world of robotics competition. They also left with a better understanding of how robotics competition participation helps to engage students in engineering and computer science programs.


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