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Basket Galore


Entry ID #: 1349
Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 9:08 AM

Basket Galore is a game played with 40 1" balls and 4 flag rods. It is designed to be a "pure strategy and decision" game, giving players a variety of options to score points, but also a 5 ball or 1 rod limit to challenge the drivers, much like a chess game. i.e, an alliance may score both rods in the 24" high goal for 40 points, but another alliance may score all 20 of their balls in the 15" goal for 3 points each, giving 60 points to them.


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   IronEagles341 on 01/30/2014

Your animation is really cool! You did a great job with it. Good Luck S^3! -Team 341

   Quarkity on 01/16/2014

You earned that 5 just now, Maryland. GG. -Q

   Frostbitten Snowball on 01/15/2014

awww, what a cute animation!