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Rack Mount


Entry ID #: 1352
Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 2:41 AM

Rack mount is an interesting game designed by Nighthawk robotics club 569B.


There is nothing here.

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   mykiscool on 01/16/2014

Thanks for the support everyone! Also be sure to check out the link at the beginning of the video for the high quality version. It was an issue with a bad video codec in Sony Vegas which led to some bad lighting. We had to use Vegas for composition since I rendered the animation using Mental Ray and it only does frames rather than video.

   Quarkity on 01/16/2014

Textures are good, background is good, movements are good, lighting needs a little work. You went all out with the depth.. and that's your strong suit. For a 2-person team this is a lot of work. A+ on the commentary. Keep working on MAYA, it is a really difficult 3d editing program to learn, but once you've got the wire framing down?.. you can make works of art :) -Q

   user820266 on 01/14/2014

It is difficult to see objects due to the low amount of light in the scene.

   mykiscool on 01/14/2014

Please vote up to validate the months of hard work I put into this!