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Cube Crush


Entry ID #: 1357
Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 9:38 AM

Phantom Robotics presents this year's entry to the VRC game design challenge, Cube Crush. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Watch in 1080p for the greatest enjoyment. Music: Curtain Call - Jacuzzi Tundra - Jacuzzi The Star Wars apartment was modeled in Autodesk Revit and the statues were done in Autodesk Mudbox. Textures were done in Photoshop. Animation was done in 3Ds Max 2014 and the robots were ported from Inventor. Rendered with Vray in 1080p 30fps with an i7-4770K and GTX Titan.


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   Longarmx on 02/02/2014

Good: -Lighting is nice and bright -Apartment scene provides a nice feel -Animation is smooth and camera is focused on the action -Narration is clear and understandable Bad: -Why is everything so reflective? -Lack of animated wheels -Some cuts had black flickers or jumped back in time -That index of refraction for the glass wall is WAY too high -The camera glitches through the wall at the beginning -Some of the text was hard to read (More of an annoyance than anything) -The double and negate scoring rings were brought from Gateway. I would have liked to see them used more originally.

   1one.flag1 on 01/16/2014

NMKPUNI$HER, Teams could always construct a gearbox and make props out of polycarb, but the real reason we used flying robots was the simplicity to animate. It was much easier than to animate an arm mechanism. At least we had the courtesy to make realistic quads instead of fictional anti gravity generators (round up game animation lol)

   user820275 on 01/16/2014

I definitely think this should be the 2014-2015 Game, but what makes every game animator think that Vex robots could fly?

   Quarkity on 01/15/2014

You guys did a fantastic job! The transitions were great, I can see the hours spent modeling... the hours spent doing animation and the work .. wow! Excellent description in the video as well. (5/5) -Q