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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game.



Vex Build It


Vex Build It uses the same basics rules as in every vex competition, the new scoring objects are the torus, the brick and the ball (1.8" diameter) , you can score by locating balls in the center plate a single ball is worth 5 points, the objective of the game is to build as many floors as you can by locating a brick on another on the Alliance starting tiles, the first floor is worth 5 points and each brick is the double of the score of the brick that is under it (1st floor= 5 2nd=10 3rd=20...) and there are four yellow bonus bricks that is worth 5 more points than a normal brick , the...
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Ring Wrangle


Ring Wrangle is played on a normal-sized field: 12 feet by 12 feet. There are three racks: two side racks and one center rack. There are 26 normal rings and 4 bonus rings on the field, as well as 4 rings and one doubler ring for each alliance available to use as preloads or match loads. Each robot has to fit in a cube that is 18 inches cubed. Both teams are working to score as many rings on the racks.
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Vex Game of Cones


The Game of Cones is played on a 12'x12' field covered with foam tiles. At the beginning of the match, robots must fit in a 18" inch cube. They may extend during the match. Each match lasts 120 seconds, and begins with a 15 seconds autonomous period. At the end of the autonomous period, the team with the highest score is rewarded with 10 bonus points. At the end of the match, the Alliance with the more robots parked is rewarded with 10 bonus points. Game objects : For the first time in Vex Competition history, teams will be playing with cones.The 30 are 8 inches high with a...
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Hoop Havoc


Hoop Havoc is a fast-paced game full of scoring, blocking, and descoring. Rods are worth the most points when scored in a tower, but they are quite easy to descore, which means teams will have to work together to defend their scored objects. Since the platform is 9" above the playing field, robots that choose to park will need to creatively design their robots to do so.
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Pipeline Panic


Pipeline panic is played on a standard 12' x 12'. field, utilizing the small 1.5" balls as the primary scoring object. Teams must place these balls into one of two goals, a long tube which leads to a sidegoal, but has a hazardous descoring hatch, or a divided 30" high goal, which must be opened using one of two pressure plates. During the last 30 seconds, teams may make use of the match load multiplier balls, which multiply the score based on how many are in the goal. The team with the most points wins the game.
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Over the Hill

Omni Eagles 4000

This is the animation for the game we presented to our students during our summer robotics camps.
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Tidy The Toys

Niamh C

This VRC game requires you to tidy your bedroom before going to bed. Standard VEX Rules apply.
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Basket Galore


Basket Galore is a game played with 40 1" balls and 4 flag rods. It is designed to be a "pure strategy and decision" game, giving players a variety of options to score points, but also a 5 ball or 1 rod limit to challenge the drivers, much like a chess game. i.e, an alliance may score both rods in the 24" high goal for 40 points, but another alliance may score all 20 of their balls in the 15" goal for 3 points each, giving 60 points to them.
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Tower Hoist


Team 917A of Quantum Robotics presents Tower Hoist, a new VEX robotics challenge where teams will use hoops, balls, and hefty hanging mechanisms to score points and pull their alliance to victory.
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