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RECF STEM Educational Video

Create a video to teach a new team something about the STEM aspects of robotics engineering or construction that you have learned from experience that can help them better prepare for a competition. You should come up with your own idea, but here are some sample ideas from previous years’ Educational Videos:

  • How to calculate loads for robotics mechanisms
  • How to build a specific mechanism such as a drive train, lifting arm
  • How to best use specific robotics components in designing a robot
  • How to use programming with the hardware to accomplish something specific



Pistones neumaticos


Video que muestra la implementacion de pistones neumaticos
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RECF STEM Educational Video


Shows our intake in action and how it is effectively picking up bucky balls.
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RECF Educational Video


This is team 918 b's RECF educational Video
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3129A: Mythbusters - Wheels vs. Treads


In today's episode of Mythbusters, watch as Adam and Jamie attempt to bust the age-old myth from the VEX forums that wheels are better than tank treads on VEX robots. They will put this myth to the test by using two nearly identical robots (one of which uses wheels and the other uses treads) to see the benefits and downsides of each system. Please note that during the testing in this video, the outside diameter of the sprocket used to drive the tread robot is the same as the outside diameter of the wheels on the other robot. Under ideal circumstances, this should allow both robots to drive...
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Making a Winch and Release

Niamh C

We've made a video on how to modify the standard winch unit so that it releases the drum instantly. We used this mechanism on our robot to load and fire an elastic powered catapult. We used AUTODESK Inventor Professional to create all the images and movie files. Narrated by Niamh Conlon Images made by Mitchell Coleman and the 5606 Design Team.
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The Design Process


This video details the design process used in the Kent Denver Robotics Club. This iterative process is thorough, professional, and one that mirrors how major engineering firms design products. The video lays out the various documents and steps that go into this process.
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3919B Educational Video

JackBOTS Robotics

JackBOTS STEM Educational Video
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Multiple Autonomous Programs without the Use of...


This is 5900J's entry for the VEX RECF Educational Video Online Challenge. In this video, we demonstrate how to use EasyC and a dial to utilize multiple autonomous programs on the field.
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Quick Disconnect Motors and Testing Program


Over several years of doing the VRC, we have had an issue with motors. The location that the motors were at, made it hard to get in and change the motor out if it started to burn out and fail. To battle this problem the VEX team 3876C has innovated a BATCAVE (Briskness And Torque Checker of Awesome Vex Equipment) to test motors and quick disconnect motors to make the motors easy to test and replace through the season
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Drive Trains: Advantages and Disadvantages


Team 750C presents their educational video. Learn about different drive trains and their disadvantages and advantages
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How to Use Gear Ratios


Team 7581H's RECF STEM Educational Video, "How to Use Gear Ratios", teaches concepts and the mathematics of gear ratios, while explaining the impact on speed and torque. New teams utilizing these engineering principles, can benefit from the implementation of these strategies as they optimize their robot performance. We used Adobe Premiere Elements 12 to edit and compile our video, along with Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Paint to edit pictures.
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VEX Robotics Lift Programming STEM Video


This video shows some programming techniques in use by Team 2919M that can be used to help program a working lift system using RobotC. It was made with the purpose of furthering interests into the programming side of robotics.
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Autonomous Selector Switch


This video demonstrates step-by-step how to assemble an Autonomous Selector switch for VEX Robotics Competition. Pictures of the required VEX Robotics parts are shown. This video was created by the CSM Talons VEX U robotics team during a recent team meeting.
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Engineering Notebook Tips and Tricks


This video gives some tips for keeping an engineering notebook. Team 2442B, the Bancroft Robodog Beagles brings up reasons for keeping a notebook and four different types of entries: meeting minutes, research, pictures and charts/lists. Art by Angela Stop Motion by Jess Voice-Over by Aurea Music by Jess Software used: iMovie, PropellerHead, IPEVO Presenter
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Programming 101


How to Program a robot: The Basics
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How to use Inventor Studio


How to use inventor studio to animate wheels and the camera
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How to use mecanum wheels


A video about how to use and program mecanum wheels
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How to use the Vex Forums


A video on how to use the Vex Forums
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415B Online Challenge Educational Video Submission


STEM Educational Video Learn how to build VEX drivetrains
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Palm Bay High's Online Challenge submission...


This is Palm Bay High School's submission for the online challenge.
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750W Robo Rally Game Show-6 Bar Linkages


We are 750W. We are a team form South Brunswick High School. This video presents the advantages and disadvantages of 6 bar linkages in the form of a game show. Please vote for our video
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Why does my drive die?

Wingus or Dingus

Ever wondered why your drive dies sometimes? After our rookie season last year we figured out why and ways to avoid it happening again. In our RECF STEM Educational Video submission we'll explain what the cause is and possible solutions along with some real world measurements and maths demonstrating success and failure.
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How to Prepare for Your Competitions


The team of 6135B goes step by step showing tips and tricks to make tournament flow smoother, and easier.
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1069E - An introduction to linkages


Join Mitch and Kaleb from team 1069E as they walk you through some of the basics of various linkages commonly used in VEX for a wide range of applications. Totally tubular!
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How to Build a Killer Wheelbase


This video shows how to build a durable and easy to repair wheelbase capable of traversing the 2 in bump.
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How to calculate robot drive speed


A short video on how to calculate the robot drive speed done by 24Z
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Better Fastening Solution for VEX Robots


This video describes a better solutions for using fasteners in a VEX robot.
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Hai Sing Robotics applying Mathematics and...


Hai Sing Catholic School Robotics are well known for applying Math and Science concepts in building VEX Robots. We were featured in our local news for being able to incorporate robotics into our curriculum. Being able to apply Math and Science concepts in building our VEX robots has given us much confidence needed for us to build a well performing robot and it has also given us confidence with the various skills and knowledge gained. In this video, we portray how Maths and Physics has helped us in building our VEX robots that we have used for Singapore VEX Championship 2013 and Asia...
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VEX team Overclocked 246A explains the concept and applications of torque in robotics.
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Educational video


This is our vex jets educational video.
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